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Benefits of Fitness
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Benefits of Fitness

Keeping You Fit

Exercise is a Great Stress Reliever

Stress is a regular emotion that we all have in our lives.  A good way to relieve this is by taking part in some sort of exercise, instead of harbouring this big ball of negative energy.

The ways you can do this is either by:
  1. Individual sports
  2. Team sports
Each person has their own preference on how they like to exercise and how they like to focus their attentions, and before you know it, the issues that were causing the stress have either gone away or don’t seem as large as they were before.

Exercise Helps to Develop a Positive mental Attitude

With regular exercise you will notice that your PMA (positive mental attitude) will change, in other words your outlook on life will be more positive.

When we exercise we release a hormone called “Endorphine” these give you the feel good factor when exercising.


When we are healthy it can be measured by the amount of energy and vitality we have.  Each one is as important as the other as they are needed for our everyday life and help us perform better.  Here are 5 key points to increasing your vitality.

  • Have a light and nutritional breakfast
  • Have vegetables with different colours
  • Drink enough water
  • Keep your weight to an optimal level
  • Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week


  • One direct way to build confidence is through exercise
  • Once we have the confidence, exercise can make us feel good about ourselves and our bodies
  • Exercise releases the good hormone called “Endorphine” and gives us the “buzz” to do exercise.

One way to boost you confidence is to ensure that you take part in regular exercise and that you stay fit. 



Health Club Classes

classesAllison holds regular classes, click here to see the locations & timetable.

Key Benefits of Exercise

Increases bone density
Reduces risk of osteoporosis.

Increases metabolic rate
Energy required to maintain the functioning of the body at rest.

Decrease body fat
By increasing metabolic rate and therefore daily calorie expenditure.

Decrease blood pressure
Reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Decrease blood cholesterol
Training can improve the blood cholesterol profile.

Improve self image
Muscle tone, shape and size.

Improve posture
Correct muscle imbalances.