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Exercise Classes

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Day Exercise Health Club Time
Monday Cardiac Rehab John Palmer Hall Solihull 11.00
50+ Fitness Cheswick Green Community Centre  14.00
HIIT David Lloyd Monkspath 17.15
Aqua Club Moativation Solihull 18.00
Tuesday     Cardiac Rehab West Warwicks Olton 09.30
Aqua Bannatyne Solihull 11.00
Cardiac Rehab Tudor Grange Solihull 12.30
Wednesday         Triple Challenge Bannatyne Solihull 09.15
Aqua Bannatyne Solihull 11.15
Aqua Club Moativation 12.15
Aqua Club Motivation 17.00
Boot Camp
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St Peters School 18.00
Salsa David Lloyd 19.15
Thursday       Low Impact Aerobics Bannatyne Solihull 09:30
Salsacise Bannatyne Solihull 10:35
Aqua David Lloyd South  11.45
Cardiac Rehab Shelly Farm Community Centre Monkspath 13:15
Friday Aqua Club Motivation  10.30
Aerobics Bannatyne Solihull 11:50
Sunday Boot Camp 
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Lode Heath School Solihull 10.00

Benefits of Group exercise

Social benefits
Most people spend their early years socializing in groups. This includes games and fitness activities. In later years, most individuals are too busy to socialize regularly. Group exercise can mitigate this problem, by allowing scheduled group activity time. Group exercise has the added benefit of preventing boredom with exercise, by adding an element of camaraderie to the chosen activity.

Increased safety
Working out in a class, with an instructor, can help insure that all participants are using proper exercise technique. Proper technique is important to maximize the benefit of exercise, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Those who exercise in groups are more likely to stick to their workout programs, according to the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). Making an appointment to exercise with others increases the likelihood that the individual will show up to exercise. There is no penalty for a missed workout for those who exercise alone. Those who exercise with a group risk angering workout partners if sessions are missed. This provides some extra motivation to stick with the program.

Social and fun

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, one of the most important trends in fitness for 2009 is Group Exercise. Group Exercise can take many forms. The vast majority of group exercise classes are offered at commercial fitness clubs, in the form of aerobics classes, yoga classes, boxing instruction, and spinning classes.

Whatever the form, group exercise is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides class members with scheduled, supervised workouts. The scheduling of exercise forces individuals to make a time commitment to fitness, and the supervision of a group class enables even novice athletes to exercise safely, with proper technique.

Getting Started in Group Exercise

The choices of different types of group exercise classes can seem overwhelming to an individual getting started in group exercise. Beginners should try to frequent a facility that offers a wide variety of classes. This will allow the new participant to sample many different types of group classes and find the type of exercise that best suits the individual.

For those trying a class for the first time, identifying oneself as a beginner to the instructor is important. This will allow the instructor to introduce modified exercises more appropriate to a beginner, and to watch carefully for proper exercise form.


"Allison has built up a good rapport with the members and as such all her classes are well attended. She has a positive attitude and thoroughly enjoys teaching, which does come across to the staff and members alike. I attend aqua which Allison teaches and find them very well organised, with a good standard of teaching. They are very enjoyable and very good for my overall fitness, which in turn keeps my knees mobile!" TH

"Allison’s classes and her communications skills are excellent!" SJ

"Thank you for an enjoyable 6 months that we‘ve had with you. Hopefully we will see you again in the future!" VP

"It’s been really enjoyable, you make exercising quite fun!" CH

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